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Specklefarm design and manufacture luxury designer Homeware and designer stationery in the most popular patterns, perfect for that Christmas gift, Birthday gift or Wedding present - featuring the finest grosgrain ribbon, polka dots, chevron pattern and gingham patterns. Designer homeware and designer stationery from Specklefarm is high quality and Australian made. Visit Specklefarm and view their luxurious range of Christmas, Wedding or Birthday designer homeware and designer stationery.

Designer homeware and quality stationery from Specklefarm is made from the highest quality paper and Australian materials, and features attractive designer patterns such as ...
  • grosgrain pattern,
  • polka dots,
  • patterned stripes and
  • chevron patterns.
Impress your friends and guests this Christmas or Birthday occassion.
Luxury homeware and quality designer wedding stationery from Specklefarm is designed to bring a sense of style to your homeware collection, point stitch ribbons and luxury stationery items such as designer pencils in chevron, polka dot make great gift ideas for that tricky Birthday gift, that awkward Christmas gift or wedding present.

Luxury stationery from Specklefarm features designer polka dot and striped patterns, making an appealing addition to your luxury designer stationery collection. Designer homeware such as paper lanterns, money tins and cup cake tins can complement your home with stylish designer patterns such as gingham, chevron and stripes.

Luxury designer Stationery

Designer stationery from Specklefarm is designed with luxury in mind. Their luxury stationery items can make a beautiful addition to your collection of homeware. Complement your interior design scheme with luxury stationery items. Luxury stationery from Specklefarm complements your stationery and homeware collection with elegance. Specklefarm produce high quality luxury stationery that is sold throughout Australia featuring chevron patterns.

Luxury stationery is a great idea for a children's birthday party or christmas gathering with christmas wrapping paper, designer christmas cards, christmas greeting cards and christmas decorations for your christmas dinner table setting.

Luxury stationery items also add elegance to your wedding stationery supplies, with wedding invitaions and place cards for weddings. Specklefarm have all the latest designs and patterns in luxury stationery wrapping paper, with chevron pattern wrapping paper, polka dot wrapping paper, colourful stripe wrapping paper, gingham wrapping paper. Wrap it all up with designer wrapping paper from Specklefarm and tie it with and grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow.

Quality Stationery

Quality stationery adds distinction to your luxury homeware items and interior decor. Specklefarm products are ideal as gifts that posses the refined style of a top end luxury homeware item. Allow yourself to luxuriate in the environment created by the impeccable style of the quality homeware products available from Specklefarm.

Purchase high quality stationery for yourself and your children with Specklefarm’s range of designer stationery. Specklefarm boast an elegant range of high quality Australian made and luxury designer stationery. Their luxury homeware and designer stationery are high quality products that are Australian made and designed.

Designer Stationery

Luxury stationery from Specklefarm is created using designer patterns to create a quality homeware or stationery product with elegant designs featuring chevron patterns and gingham patterns.

Designer Stationery is a great party decorating idea for Children’s parties including party invitations, party decorations, polka dot paper lanterns and designer paper lanterns. As well as designer money tins and designer pencils perfect for small gifts for party people. All statioenry products come in designer patterns of bold colours with Stripe patterns, gingham patterns, grosgrain ribbon and point stitch patterns.

Chevron Patterns

Chevron patterns are available from Specklefarm, a popular decorative pattern featuring in their range of luxury homeware and designer stationery. Specklefarm’s range of designer stationery featuring chevron patterns is the perfect addition to your collection of luxury stationery. Chevron patterns are one type of designer pattern used to decorate products from Specklefarm that give them the irresistible quality of a luxury homeware item.

Designer Pencils

Pencils featuring designer patterns such as polka dots, stripes, chevron and gingham are being sold in Australia from Specklefarm. Pencils from Specklefarm that feature their renowned polka dot patterns are a great gift for children, and a quality stationery product that they are sure to treasure. Gift a luxurious piece of Specklefarm stationery for your child’s next birthday that they will be sure to relish.

Stationery for Children

Specklefarm designer stationery for your children ensures they are prepared for the stationery requirements of their schooling with pencils and other stationery featuring appealing designer patterns such as chevron and gingham. Children love the bright colours and playful patterns of Specklefarm stationery. The luxury stationery from Specklefarm ensures your children will write and draw to their heart’s content and discover their love of vibrancy in luxury homeware.

Polka Dot Stationery Designs

Quality stationery featuring polka dot designs is available from Specklefarm. Designer patterns feature on each item of the Specklefarm stationery range, and polka dot patterns are one of their most renowned designs. Treat yourself to some beautiful stationery designs featuring polka dots. Your birthday cards will exude luxury when you purchase them from the Specklefarm range of designer stationery. Polka Dot patterns from Specklefarm have earned their luxury stationery products a reputation for tasteful, stylised designs.

Designer Homeware

Specklefarm’s range of designer homeware, such as paper lanterns, are Australian made products that feature designer patterns such as polka dots and stripes. Designer homeware from Specklefarm is designed with patterns such as gingham and chevron. Specklefarm products are ideal for decorating your home with designer products that bring a sense of luxury to your house with elaborate decorations featuring impeccable style and beautiful patterns such as polka dots and stripes. Items such as paper polka dot lanterns are a popular home decoration item that customers of Specklefarm love.

Luxury Homeware

Luxury homeware items from Specklefarm are high quality Australian made products that feature designer patterns such as gingham, stripes, chevron and polka dots.

Designer Lanterns

Paper lanterns with designer patterns from Specklefarm are a great way to brighten your home with beautiful polka dot patterns from Australian designers of luxury homeware.

Polka Dot Lanterns

Paper lanterns featuring designer polka dot patterns can make an appealing addition to your homeware collection. Polka dot lanterns are a popular home decoration item. Their polka dot patterns are great for adding colour to your home. A designer polka dot paper lantern from Specklefarm can brighten your home.

Paper Lanterns

Designer homeware such as paper lanterns are being sold by Specklefarm. Paper lanterns from Specklefarm are quality products that are Australian Made, and feature designer patterns such as polka dots. Paper lanterns look great around the home, and are the perfect decorations for special occasions including weddings.

Paper Lanterns for Weddings

Designer paper lanterns from Specklefarm will look magnificent at your wedding, with designer polka dot patterns and Australian made quality. Polka dot paper lanterns are a beautiful luxury homeware item from Specklefarm.

Designer Money Tins

Homeware items such as money tins designed by Specklefarm are an appealing addition to your homeware collection. Luxury homeware items from Specklefarm include designer money tins add a touch of class and luxury design to your home.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Ribbons featuring designer grosgrain patterns from Specklefarm are designed to beautify your home. Grosgrain ribbon from Specklefarm is the perfect decoration for gifts, and features patterns that match designer wrapping paper from Specklefarm.

Point Stitch

Point stitch ribbon is available at Specklefarm in a range of colours to suit gift wrapping and designer gift cards for celebrations such as birthdays and Christmas.

Ribbons for Children

Specklefarm strive to create ribbons that feature fashionable designs that your children will adore. Specklefarm design a range of luxury ribbons with patterns and styles such as grosgrain, point stitch and chevron that your children will love.

Luxury Ribbons

Specklefarm design luxury ribbons with beautiful patterns including grosgrain, chevron, gingham and stripes. Their range of luxury ribbons are renowned for their designer patterns.

Designer Ribbons

Ribbons featuring designer patterns are available from Specklefarm, and can make a luxurious addition to your collection of homeware.

Gingham Patterns

Gingham patterns from luxury homeware designers at Specklefarm feature in their range of luxury ribbons and homeware.

Stripes Patterns

Designer stripe patterns from Specklefarm feature beautifully in their range of quality stationery products, and are designed to bring a sense of luxury to your home.

Polka Dots Patterns

Designer patterns feature in homeware and stationery from Specklefarm.

Luxury stationery from Specklefarm can brighten your home with designer polka dot patterns
  • Christmas gift wrapping paper and christmas gift cards
  • Birthday wrapping paper
  • Wedding gift stationery - wedding gift cards - wedding wrapping paper
  • Luxury Stationery
  • Quality Stationery
  • Designer Stationery
  • Designer Pencils
  • Stationery for Children
  • Polka Dot Stationery Designs
  • Designer Homeware
  • Luxury Homeware
  • Designer Lanterns
  • Polka Dot Lanterns
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Paper Lanterns for Weddings
  • Designer Money Tins
  • Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Point Stitch
  • Ribbons for Children
  • Luxury Ribbons
  • Designer Ribbons
  • Chevron Patterns
  • Gingham Patterns
  • Stripes Patterns
  • Polka Dots Patterns

Specklefarm is renowned for its stunning range of grosgrain ribbon and devine stationery. Our stationery is designed and created with a love of colour, style and quality. Whether you are tying a bow in Specklefarm grosgrain, sending a thank you card, inviting a guest to your party with a Specklefarm invitation or simply treating yourself to some stationery love, you know when buying Specklefarm you are buying something designed with you in mind – from a true lover of stationery.

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